#1385 heimdal: compile time diference
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I tried to compile sssd 1.8.4 with heimdal as kerberos provider but encountered some compile time errors. sssd 1.8.3 compiles (and runs) just fine.

The compile errors are all in src/util/sss_krb5.c and all related to a different name in the structure krb5_keytab_entry used by heimdal.

Ie this line fails:
if (!krb5_c_valid_enctype(entry.key.enctype) ||

when in change it to
if (!krb5_c_valid_enctype(entry.keyblock.keytype) ||

it fixes this occurrence. The entry.key.enctype is used 4 times in this file and when I change all of them in one go by this sed expression:

sed -i 's/entry.key.enctype/entry.keyblock.keytype/g' src/util/sss_krb5.c

sssd 1.8.4 compiles (and runs) again.

I know, a real solution should work on both MIT and Heimdal. But this illustrates both the problem and the solution (I hope)


SSSD relies on multiple features that are not available in Heimdal, and SSSD 1.9.0 will rely on many more still (such as DIR: cache support). We do not support compiling against Heimdal.

Patches will be accepted to improve Heimdal support, but the core upstream development team will not invest any time in maintaining it.

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This patch restores compiling against Heimdal.

Please consider it for submission.

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This issue, and patch are now obsolete due to the revert patch: 0001-Revert-commit-4c157ec.patch

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