#1259 Initial service lookups having name with uppercase alphabets doesn't work.
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by jhrozek.

https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=804057 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6)

Description of problem:
Initial service lookups having name with uppercase alphabets doesn't work.

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How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Add the following services in ldap server:
dn: cn=Svc4,ou=Services,dc=example,dc=com
objectClass: ipService
cn: svc4_alias1
cn: SVC4_Alias2
ipServicePort: 12345
ipServiceProtocol: Tcp
ipServiceProtocol: udp
ipServiceProtocol: dummy_proto4

dn: cn=Svc6,ou=Services,dc=example,dc=com
objectClass: ipService
cn: svc6_alias1
cn: SVC6_Alias2
cn: SVC6-Alias3
ipServicePort: 6666
ipServiceProtocol: tcp
ipServiceProtocol: udp
ipServiceProtocol: dummy-proto6

2. sssd.conf domain section has:

id_provider = ldap
ldap_uri = ldap://ldapserver.example.com
ldap_search_base = dc=example,dc=com
ldap_tls_cacert = /etc/openldap/cacerts/server.pem
case_sensitive = true

3. Restart sssd with clear cache and lookup the services as follows:
# service sssd stop;rm -f /var/lib/sss/db/*;service sssd start
Stopping sssd:                                             [  OK  ]
Starting sssd:                                             [  OK  ]
# sleep 20
# getent -s sss services Svc4
# getent -s sss services Svc4
# getent -s sss services Svc4
Svc4      12345/Tcp svc4_alias1 SVC4_Alias2        <== I get the output in 3rd
or 4th attempt

# getent -s sss services Svc6
# getent -s sss services Svc6
# getent -s sss services Svc6
# getent -s sss services Svc6
Svc6      6666/tcp svc6_alias1 SVC6_Alias2 SVC6-Alias3    <==got the output
after 4 attempts.

Actual results:
Looking up service with uppercase alphabets doesn't return the output in first

Expected results:
Output should be seen in the first service lookup.

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We're looking up the service name with the wrong case when the cache is updated.

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milestone: NEEDS_TRIAGE => SSSD 1.8.2 (LTM)
version: => 1.8.0

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Metadata Update from @jhrozek:
- Issue assigned to jhrozek
- Issue set to the milestone: SSSD 1.8.2 (LTM)

3 years ago

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