#1006 RFC2307bis initgroups calls are slow
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Several users have reported recently that using RFC2307bis performs very slowly on {{{initgroups()}}} requests. One user stated that moving the cache to /dev/shm resulted in significant performance gains*.

While going through the RFC3207bis code to address ticket #868, I think I have identified the real problem here. We are performing far too many transactions when dealing with nested groups.

We have a transaction for saving the original user, then another to save the user's direct groups, then one transaction per group above the first level for saving nested groups. This results in a large number of probably unnecessary disk-writes.

We need to save the group information we gather until the very end of processing and save it in a single transaction. This should provide a marked performance improvement.

  • The user in question cited a reduction of 30+ seconds down to 1 or 2 seconds.

Each transaction means 2 fsync to the disk which are painfully slow, esp on filesystems that do respect the command and make sure data is on the platter.

So reducing transactions is certainly going to make a marked perf. difference, good finding!

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