Commit 4ab8734 MAN: Improve docs about GC detection

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MAN: Improve docs about GC detection

Add the same note we have as part of our debug to the sssd-ad manual.

Signed-off-by: Fabiano FidĂȘncio <>
Reviewed-by: Jakub Hrozek <>

 1 @@ -100,6 +100,9 @@
 2               domains in the forest sequentially. Please note that the
 3               <quote>cache_first</quote> option might be also helpful in
 4               speeding up domainless searches.
 5 +             Note that if only a subset of POSIX attributes is present in
 6 +             the Global Catalog, the non-replicated attributes are currently
 7 +             not read from the LDAP port.
 8           </para>
 9           <para>
10               Users, groups and other entities served by SSSD are always treated as