#8 Writing critical reviews of peer reviewed articles: expert approved checklist
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The world of writing is brimming with all sorts of different styles and forms. As such, while some forms of writing require you to be as descriptive as possible, others can ask you to review something in a highly objective manner.

Accordingly, an example of the latter form of writing can be seen while writing a critical review of a journal article. This is not unlike a Critical Essay in how it requires you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a particular piece of writing. So, as you write your critical review, you need to describe, analyze, and interpret the contents of a particular article. You can also get assistance from an essay writer as well.

You must do all that in such a way that your readers can get a better understanding of the article's value. This can be a real handful at times, so to help you out with that, discussed below are some great tips on what you need to do while writing.

Before You Start Reading the Article

Before you even start reading the article, there are a couple of things that you need to do, all of which are listed as follows:

  • Get a sense of what the title tells you about the article.
  • Go through the subheadings to get a feel for the organization of the article.
  • Read the abstract and familiarize yourself with the gist of the article.
  • Have a look at the reference list to understand what kind of sources the author used.
  • Brush up on the author’s background to determine whether he/she is an authority on the subject of the article.

Get to Reading the Article

As you read the article you should begin to understand the deeper meaning of it. There are several different things that you should pick up on as you read, all of which an online essay writer is likely to miss. So, be sure to read the list of things to look out for in the article, down below.

  • The intended audience.
  • The purpose of the article.
  • Any important terms that have been defined.
  • Is the article based on fact or opinion?
  • What is the article's main argument/s and conclusion/s?
  • If the article talks about a particular experiment, study, methodology, or result.
  • Are the points made in the article conclusive and providing sound arguments?
  • Is the article presenting information in an organized manner?
  • Does the writer’s style of writing fall in line with what is expected for the intended audience?
  • Does the writer remain objective throughout the writing process?
  • Are the charts, statistics, or images used, effective in getting information across?

Develop an Outline

The outline is your roadmap towards a well written critical review. As such, it needs to be crafted with utmost finesse, which is something an essay writer free can surely help you out with. Regardless, when you’re writing your outline be sure to organize your points according to proper themes.

And after you are done, simply go through the outline again and remove anything that you feel is irrelevant or unnecessary. Because doing that will help keep your critical review focused by the time you finally start writing it.

Write Your First Draft

Start your review with a complete citation of the chosen peer reviewed article. Once that is done write your critical review with a proper structure. Start off with an introduction that includes a thesis statement, the author's reason for writing his/her article, the relation of the article with a particular subject, and information relating to the author.

Follow that with a body that supports your thesis and make sure it matches the contents in your outline. Finally, end your review with a conclusion that summarizes the entire work and reiterates your thesis.


And voila! Your Critical Review is now complete. But if you still have a few questions, just look for some answers online.

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