#1 How to Make your Essay Look Longer
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Admit it! Students hate writing lengthy essays. They find it tiring and boring to write on topics which doesn’t interest them. If students don’t write essay with interest, they won’t put enough effort and this will result in lower grades at the end of the term and will always require an essay writer help.

If you are one of those students who always avoid to write lengthy essays but bound to write one for your language class, we have a solution for you. Using these tips, you can make your essay lengthier in a very short time.

Following these easy tips and tricks provided by the essay writer online guide can surely ace your assignments.

Play with the Fonts

A very basic and a typical thing to do with your essay to make it look a bit larger is to manipulate the font.

1. Choose a slightly larger font to write your essay. If you haven’t given a specific font size by the teacher, use fonts that are slightly larger and if given then use fonts similar to that but a bit large.

2. Adjust your font size. If your teacher has given the font size 12 pt. try upgrading it to 12.1 to 12.3. It will make your essay look longer. But make sure you do not exceed and make obvious what you are trying to do.

3. Increase the size of periods and commas in the text. Select all the periods and commas and replace the size of 12 pt. to 14 pt.

Manipulate Spacing and Margins

Playing with spacing and margins can adjust the length of your essay.

1. Increase the spacing between the lines of your text. Go to “Format”, then click on “Paragraph”. Now choose “Line Spacing” and then go to “Multiple” and make adjustments.

2. Increase the right and the bottom margin by a quarter. This will also make your essay look longer.

3. Increasing the spacing between the characters.

Adjusting the Header and Footer

1. Increase your header by putting your name, date, course title, and the name of your teacher. Add extra information to make it lengthier and use double-space header.

2. Place the topic and title of your essay in another line following the header. Leave a line to make it consume more space.

3. Add a footer by the page number on every page.

Expand your Content

1. Instead of writing numbers, spell out numbers that are less than 10.

2. Try using contractions more. For example, instead of writing “it’s” write “it is”.

3. Use minimum pronouns. For example, instead of writing “They” write the names like “X, Y, and Z”.

4. Add quotations and phrases to support the material in your essay.

5. Give each paragraph a topic and concluding sentence. 

6. Be descriptive and describe everything in detail.

7. Elaborate your conclusion. It is not necessary to conclude your work in one paragraph.

If you still need help to make your essay look lengthier but sensible. Lastly, I would like to say that following the above strategies or essay writer free online would really help you to solve your issue regarding “How to write my essay longer?”

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