#1 Tips for Fixing website slowness
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With thousands of plugins promising to do wonderful things on your website, it's easy to hook up and get plug-in fever. You will soon have plugins that control each feature and function on your site and slow down your website. This happens because the more plugins you have, the more work you can do during the loading of the site. Secondly, not all plugins are equally created - poor or outdated plugins can slowly load the website.

Your homepage is bogged down

The homepage is the medium by which you have to connect with your audience. You might have gone overboard to show it all to create an impressive first impression. The more widgets, amazing high-resolution images, graphics and content on the front page you have, the longer your website takes to load. Not only that, it's a problem to move from one web page to another. Remember, the clean design of the website is as impressive and powerful. Don't get overwhelmed by unnecessary content on your homepage.

You run a topic of poor quality

If you use low-quality free themes, they have a chance of having hidden spyware or viruses at a high price. That's why your website slowly loads. To avoid this, ensure that trustworthy themes are installed from reliable sources. If you aren't sure of its source, don't fall for free. And always update your topics as outdated topics can be a starting point for malicious activities.

The problem is your host

To run your WordPress platform, a good web host is essential. You can choose among hosting services, managed hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting... There are various plans and options for WordPress hosting providers at various price points that offer different features. If you have chosen the lowest price tag possible, without evaluating its features, to save money, then you get your money. An alternate way to get quality hosting on low cost is to use coupon codes, sites like Askmeoffers & CouponsABC host deals which you can use to get good hosting on low cost. A poor web host can harm the loading time, performance and other aspects of your site such as safety and scalability.

You don't cache

Did you look at a template file for WordPress? Depending on how much you customise your site, it can be complex with lines and lines of code. Most hosting providers use LAMP (Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP) environments to make it tedious to retrieve the file for the database, get code, translate the code into HTML and then display a page.

Opt for page caching to save all static files such as HTML documents and images locally. This allows the user to quickly access a page since each request is not required for the database to retrieve each file.

Long JavaScript or CSS

CSS, or cascade-style sheets, set the website tone and include web browser instructions as to what colours to load, font type and size, table code, header, footer, menu, etc. These file types can take up dozens of pages and have hundreds of lines of code. They may also contain additional spaces, line breaks and other nonrelevant information. As a result, your site can be loaded a lot.

Not using tactics of compression

Like long and complicated CSS or Javascript, other WordPress components can be compressed to optimise their performance. This may include your code, database, pictures.

Don't make a slow site settle

The last thing you want is to leave your website because it takes too much time to load. After all your hard work with your website, it is important to ensure that the performance of your site is efficient and can attract more visitors!

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