#31 Add test cases for code ported from Chrome Zero
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Add array and time wrapper tests.
Array wrappers and partially time wrappers have been ported from Chrome Zero.

The tests covered two bugs:
1) New bug: Date.getMilliseconds() does not return rounded value.
2) Known bug: window.crypto.getRandomValues() throws an exception because an array object is expected as an argument, but a proxy array object is given.

Merged to prepare0.8.

Re1: Do we have a private security bug for the issue?

Re2: What are the plans to add other Firefox APIs?

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2 years ago

I had a look at 2, we are talking about https://pagure.io/JShelter/webextension/blob/prepare0.8/f/tests/integration_tests/testing/tests_definition/test_07_ECMA_arrays.py#_46.

We are only checking that the page shows a list longer that 0. Do we have a test that checks that if we shift the array, the array works as expected, like writing to the array and then reading the same values, maybe also other methods, see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Uint16Array.

We should also think about a way to test that shifting/scarbling works.

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2 years ago