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The JShelter UX review (https://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/js-shield/2023-01/pdfCi7H0vUsN_.pdf) identified several issues with the popup


[ ] Add contextual help to define the shields that links to more information.

Libor's note - contextual help or possibly link to JShelter web page?
note2: we already have the description of the shields in the option page. So once we extract all texts for internationalization, we can reuse the texts and do not link to the web page.

[ ] Think about the order of the shields (not explicit in the report)

Libor suggests:

  • FPD
  • JSS
  • NBS


  • JSS
  • FPD
  • NBS

(I like the latter more)

Make sure that the order in the popup is the same as in the option page. Try to keep the same order at the webpage and possibly other places.

[ ] These controls do not follow OS style guidelines for MacOS or seem to conform to Firefox styles.

Libor's note: I do not think we have resources to care about MacOS style guidelines. Developper needed.

[ ] Global settings is an action button, but it should probably be a link, since it displays a new page. It
should probably also be renamed “Main settings” to match the menu on the settings page.

Libor's note: I am OK with the button. We should unify "Main settings" and "Global settings". Which one is better?

[ ] (rephrased) Regarding FPD report: Separate the action button to show FPD report and the indicator. Show a link to view the report only if there is something to report (the state is different to None and Inactive).

[ ] Don’t use gray for active action buttons. Gray means “inactive” or “unavailable” in UI design
language. Choose another color and use it for “Review Report” as well.

Libor's note: I guess the reviewer means the Global settings and Refresh page. What other color to gray should we pick?

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