#96 Improve the subpage of adding a new level
Opened a year ago by polcak. Modified a year ago


The JShelter UX review (https://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/js-shield/2023-01/pdfCi7H0vUsN_.pdf) identified several issues with the new level page.


[ ] “Add new level” is confusing. “New level” of what?

Libor's note: This should be clarified by the redesing of the options page. The reviewer did not originally get the concept of the levels.

[ ] What are these things and which are most important?
[ ] How can I find out what fingerprinting is about and why I would care?
[ ] What are the effects of changing these parameters?

Do we want to add more pointers to help? Libor's note: I think that users adding a new level should really know what they are doing so if we scare users from adding level that seems OK.

[ ] Does my description need to be like the ones shown on the green list?

cfcda96 moved the list (green list) of unsupported APIs below the form. The point of the list is to show the user that JShelter would protect from additional threats but the browser is already protected. That might change with a browser update etc.

[ ] Why are these all sliders set to off?

It is an empty level, we might as well populate the sliders with the Recommended level. To Libor other options do not make sense.

[ ] This custom-level operation apparently calls for changing some parameters, adding a name and description, and saving that, but there are no instructions for doing it.

Libor's note. If the user does not know what a level is, they should not create a level. Maybe add a warning to the beginning of the page like the one in advanced options?

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