#94 Improve design of JShelter options
Opened a year ago by polcak. Modified 9 months ago


The JShelter UX review (https://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/js-shield/2023-01/pdfCi7H0vUsN_.pdf) identified several issues in the JShleter options.


[ ] Sliders don’t line up with the indicator text well. (Improved)
Libor's note: I am not sure what exactly does not line up.

[ ] The button design seems idiosyncratic and a bit rough. It’s also inconsistent (rounded,
square, flat, beveled, raised, half-dropshadow).

[X] Some word spacing is odd in the expanded sections, as if the text is fully justified, so words
are farther apart than normal.
Update: Fixed by e7a5e8b

[X] “Whitelist” is being used, even though it’s now preferred that these be “Allow list” / “Block
list” to avoid racial good/bad metaphors.
Update: Whitelist replaced by allow list during I18N. This will be released as 0.14.

[X] The help text refers to “use this level,” but there are no levels, only On and Off. Also, it’s not
clear what “this” refers to, the current state, or the state obtained if the instruction on the
button is followed.
Libor's note: Yes there are levels like Recommended or Strict that are being described, the symbol (?) is located just at the side of the level. I am not sure what is confusing here and how to improve.
Update: It seems to me that the reviewer was confused by the UI which should have been solved by 0.11.2 (enhancement: Reimplement JSS configuration in option to improve understandability)

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