#80 Worker wrappers need a complete rewrite
Opened 7 months ago by polcak. Modified a month ago

It seems that Workers do not work in Chrome at all.

Firefox wrappers work from the point of view that they remove access to unwrapped APIs. But the code does not work as intended. We need to

  1. Update FAQ about Workers
  2. Rewrite Worker wrapper.

We need to find out why Chrome Worker wrappers are not applied, decide the proper scope of applying the code. It seems that Firefox worker code is applied in strict eval and does not produce results as intended.

Integration tests updated accordingly.

Any progress on this issue? Having to disable JShelter in Firefox because the Web Worker wrapper doesn't function is a bit of a hassle and less than ideal.

edited to add:

I see I can selectively disable the Web Worker wrapper; that's neat. However, the Medium setting doesn't help: I must turn it to Unprotected for MkDocs' search mechanism to function. Examples of MkDocs' search mechanism include:
- MkDocs' site: https://www.mkdocs.org/ (choose "Search" in the heading)
- this site: https://wiki.orc.gmu.edu/mkdocs/ (choose "Search" in the heading)

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