#73 Make website directory Reuse compliant
Opened 2 years ago by polcak. Modified 2 years ago


I try to keep the repository Reuse compliant. I noticed that reuse complaints about a lot of files in website directory. I partially made the directory reuse compliant in 6b57785 (especially the content originally in docs/ or mine content).


How to reproduce

  1. Install reuse (see above)
  2. Run reuse lint

Expected result

Reuse reports a compliant project

Actual result


* Bad licenses:
* Deprecated licenses:
* Licenses without file extension:
* Missing licenses:
* Unused licenses:
* Used licenses: CC-BY-4.0, CC-BY-ND-4.0, CC0-1.0, GFDL-1.3-no-invariants-or-later, GPL-3.0-or-later, MIT, MPL-2.0
* Read errors: 0
* Files with copyright information: 248 / 329
* Files with license information: 243 / 329

Unfortunately, your project is not compliant with version 3.0 of the REUSE Specification :-(

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