#63 Per page configuration of the extension
Opened 2 years ago by polcak. Modified 2 years ago

Some pages of a website provide a different functionality then others.

For example, login pages often employ fingerprinting, some pages might need access to specialized APIs but others not (Geolocation, Audio, Canvas, etc.).

We should let users to apply specific behaviour per URL.

I think that URL should not consist of the query and fragment parts but this may be changed during proper design phase.

Changes in JSS, NBS, and FPD will be necessary.

Popup interface

The "Settings for domain" label should be converted to an interactive item (a button? checkbox?). By clicking the user will change the popup to configure JSS, NBS, FPD per-page. The domain should show the URL. We need to decide how to clearly show long URLs.

Option pages

We need to provide UI there but we might reuse the UI that we currently have.

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