#56 JShelter cannot be disabled on https://archive.org/donate in Edge and Brave
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I tried to reproduce https://github.com/polcak/jsrestrictor/issues/153. The page seems to work in Firefox but it is broken in Edge. I can see many errors in WebDev Tools console in Edge. I was not able to make the page work with active JShelter. That suggests that we modify the page even if all is deactivated.


Pages affected: https://archive.org/donate
JShelter Version: 0.9

Popup information (open JShelter popup on affected pages:

  1. Is JavaScript Shield active? OFF
  2. Is Network Boundary Shield active? OFF
  3. Is Fingerprint Detector active? OFF]
  4. What fingerprint likelihood does Fingerprint Detector report? It is deactivated
  5. Did Fingerprint Detector produce any notifications, if so, what was the notification? No
  6. Click on the Modify button next to the JavaScript Shield label. I cannot click, the button is missing when JavaScript Shield is turned off.

OS: Windows
Browser: Edge
Other extensions that might affect JShelter behaviour: No other extensions

How to reproduce

  1. Open https://archive.org/donate
  2. Choose a payment method: click on Credit card
  3. I can fill in payment card details just above the Donate button in Firefox. But when I open in Edge, I cannot fill in the payment card details. I see many errors, see below.
  4. I disabled JavaScript Shield, Network Boundary Shield, and Fingerprint Detector in Edge but the page is still broken in the same way.
  5. I opened web dev tools and realized that that part of page is actually an iframe from https://assets.braintreegateway.com. Even if I disable JavaScript Shield through the options for assets.braintreegateway.com, I still cannot fill in payment details.
  6. I disabled JShelter in the extension page, reloaded https://archive.org/donate and I can finally fill in card details in Edge.

Expected result

I can fill in some numbers to the card input field.

Actual result

There is no cursor indicating that I can fill in the field. After I click and type numbers, nothing cahnges. I cannot see the gray text displayed by Firefox in the fields when opened with Edge.


I tried to reload the browser. I tried installing Brave with the same JShelter behaviour as in Edge.

Additional notes

See https://github.com/polcak/jsrestrictor/issues/153

Metadata Update from @polcak:
- Issue assigned to gioma1
- Issue tagged with: bug

2 years ago

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