#54 Consider adding doxygen-generated documentation to the developer notes section of the website
Opened 2 years ago by polcak. Modified 9 months ago


The website shows documentation of the wrappers in the nice looking style. That is perfect. Most users will be interested only in this documentation.

But we also have developers. The source code contains many strings in all parts of the extension, not just wrappers, that are not propagated to the web. I think that it makes sense to statically generate the doxygen documentation in the doxygen css and push that to the web.


Each developer can generate their own version. I sometimes update https://www.fit.vutbr.cz/~ipolcak/jsr/doxygen/html/.

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2 years ago

We've added a link to the source view in Pagure, would this suffice? We'll style it in more detail if you agree.

We can look into generating the Doxygen pages, but would like to be sure because it will be quite some work :) and maybe a link to the source can fit the same purpose?


@rlafuente Thanks. This is useful. But the code is only accessible for the wrappers. The code is not linked in the JSS/NBS/FPD key protection page. Additionally, doxygen allows to generate docs for other parts of the extension including call graphs, see https://www.fit.vutbr.cz/~ipolcak/jsr/doxygen/html/options__domains_8js.html. I think that the current framework would not be able to generate such pages.

Now that we have the auto deployment of the web pages, if we added doxygen to the pipeline, it should not require much work and would be updated instantly.

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