#19 FPD and maphub.net
Opened 10 months ago by polcak. Modified 9 months ago

As reported in https://github.com/polcak/jsrestrictor/issues/172:

going to https://maphub.net/hyperknot/custom-markers-berlin-zoo (or any other map on maphub) blocks loading map tiles unless "fingerprinting detection" is turned off.

Can you reproduce the issue and see what is causing FPD to block the page?

Yes, I managed to reproduce it as described. The page heavily relies on WebGL API and uses a lot of resources marked as "fingerprintable" (based on FP-Inspector study). Pages of that kind should be rare but eventually may occur; hence the shortcomings of the heuristic approach. However, this is a reasonable scenario to use whitelist and turn off FPD for pages like "maphub.net" using sliders in JShelter popup.

@polcak I will try to improve the heuristics accordingly for the 0.8 release. I can see room for optimization for FPD to handle WebGL more reliably.

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