#15 Doxygen commands not generated correctly by website
Opened 2 years ago by polcak. Modified 11 months ago

As discussed in e-mails and calls, for example \note, \see and probably others

A working version in the website-dev branch, some possible tweaks hinted during the call. Thank you A&R.

Is there any command missing? Otherwise we can close (and open a new issue if any other command would be desirable)

Is this merged to main? For example https://jshelter.org/battery-cr/ still contains the line "\see https://lukaszolejnik.com/battery" (also on https://jshelter.org/ecma-array/, https://jshelter.org/ecma-date/, https://jshelter.org/eme/,

Can we generate URL like the ones in https://jshelter.org/geo/ clickable?

https://jshelter.org/h-c/ contains a broken list.

BTW How is "ECMAscript date" generated? I would prefer "ECMAScript Date".

Should I go through all the wrappers? I did not continue because the issues above might be already solved in an unmerged branch.

Hello, once you are back, can you have a look at my previous comment? I verified today and all my questions are still valid.

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