#11 Rebranding
Closed: Fixed a year ago by polcak. Opened 2 years ago by polcak.

  • [x] 1a-I Deploy the web https://jshelter.org/.
  • [x] 1a-II Make sure that all changes from https://polcak.github.io/jsrestrictor/ are on the new page as well.
  • [x] 1b. Move repository to JShelter.
  • [x] 2. Fix the links in the codebase to point to the rebranded web/repo 1dbb87b.
  • [x] 3. Deploy redirects from Github to the new pages.
  • [x] 4a. Rewrite all strings like JSR, JS Restrictor, JavaScript Restrictor in the code base to JShelter d5c121f 1dbb87b.
  • [x] 4b. Change the name of the extension in stores with the 0.7 release: when we have new GUI.
  • [x 5. Change the download link on the web page and README.md to the new JShelter download pages
  • [ ] 6. Make sure that README, issues and others at GH points to JShelter repository

It seems to me that the extension cannot be renamed in Opera Store, in other stores it is called JShelter.

The download pages did not change (or better said the old links work). AMO lists the extension as JShleter but URL contains javascript-restrictor.

We will keep GH repository as a backup and we will handle issues comming from GH as well. All rebranding is done.

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a year ago

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