#106 The web page should point users to Chrome Store in Edge
Opened 10 months ago by polcak. Modified 10 months ago


The title page of jshelter.org shows web stores that offer JShelter. When visited in Chrome, Opera, or Firefox only a single option is shown (assuming JS on).

When I visit in Edge, I see all three options. However, JShelter can only be installed from the Chrome Store. I say we offer Chrome Store to all Chromium-based except Opera.

How to reproduce

  1. Start Edge
  2. Go to jshelter.org
  3. Three install options shown

Expected result

The page offers link to Chrome Store only.

Actual result

Link to AMO and Opera Store listed. Neither can install extension to Edge.


The issue cannot be reproduced in Chromium and Brave. Both show only Chrome Store.

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