#36 Fedora 36 changes
Opened 5 months ago by alexsaezm. Modified 4 months ago

The current proposal is the last one we submitted: go 1.17
Should we keep it? or point to 1.18 instead?

Deadline is 2021-12-28

  • Will 1.18 introduce breaking change?
  • Does it require Go modules or it go path still allowed?

If a beta is available I'd go with it.

Also where are we ith the Go modules macros?

It seems that update to go1.18 in rawhide broke golist, RHBZ#2033978 . Rebuilt fixed it as it seems. Might be worth exploring what broke and if all what golist can't be upstreamed in to GC's "go list".

I think this issue can be closed. Didn't we already decide to go with Go 1.18? We should probably create a separate issue for the go modules macros.

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