#28 apicompat CI checks
Opened 3 years ago by qulogic. Modified 2 years ago

I dunno if this is feasible, but it would be interesting to run something like apicompat over builds. I don't know how this would work as you'd have to check against the previous version, but it'd be nice to see possible breaks without having to wait for later koschei rebuilds.

This would be awesome. It would probably required stand alone infra for this and possibly "taking over" development of that tool(seems to be dead for 2 years now). Also when I have been talking with GC dev folks, they do plan/want to include similar functionality in to the go mod or accompanying tools.
IMHO currently it would be better to have an ability to execute limited rebuilds in stand alone environment(assuming that we will have enabled test suites on the packages). @mizdebsk @ngompa and @ignatenkobrain propose a such environment especially focusing on solving this issue for Java, Rust, Go... see

That tool does seem dead, but there's apidiff in the Golang experimental packages.

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