#2 Get the Go packaging guidelines approved
Closed 3 years ago by nim. Opened 3 years ago by jcajka.

Get the packaging templates resulting from go-rpm-macros SIG review approved by FPC as official Fedora Go packaging guidelines

  • templates to approve are already available in the templates directory,
  • we have years of Go packaging without any approved guidelines, so this is not a showstopper.

Initial plan that needs scrapping due to FPC feedback, Fedora guidelines format changes, and implementation updates : Get the Go packaging guidelines draft https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackagingDrafts/Go officially approved

So this is the most critical pieces to finish. Once the guidelines are in a sufficient shape, we need to make it official. So anything else that relies on the guidelines can by go-sig community powered.

I'm up for help from FPC side, but please make it to look better first. And also send PR when you are done.

This is step 4 in the migration master plan.

The spec templates are finished and published in templates.

They can be pushed FPC-side, as soon as the SIG agrees no further tweaking is required, and their technical requisites are available.

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