#83 Empty lines are removed from spec file sections
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by mizdebsk.

Version: Git branch release-0.2.1

When I ask FedoraReview for a specific section of RPM spec file using JSON API I get that section with empty lines removed.

Example spec file section:


JSON request:
{ "command" : "get_section", "section" : "post", "supported_api": 1 }
Reply from FedoraReview:
{"text": "A\nB\nC\nD", "supported_api": 1}
Expected reply:
{"text": "A\n\nB\nC\n\nD", "supported_api": 1}

Justification: empty lines '''are significant''' in some sections, for example in scriplets and changelogs. For example lack or excessive number of empty lines in changelog can be considered bad style and should be reported as an issue.

fixed in 2e73d42. Thanks for report!

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