#53 Please chech for bundled Gnulib
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by mizdebsk.

Packaging guidelines allows some libraries to be bundled, however a virtual provide must be added.

Gnulib is one of most often used libraries that were allowed to be bundled, but the majority of packages bundling it doesn't specify Provides: bundled(gnulib).

Please add the following check (or simillar):

If a package:
is a C/C++ package (CCppCheckBase), and
contains a file named 00gnulib.m4 somewhere in the directory tree, and
* doesn't specify Provides: bundled(gnulib)

then fail pointing to appropriate part of packaging guidelines.

This should be more or less straight-forward. Have you any testcases? Examples with and without the Provides: is of course best, but a single package with the Provides: should be sufficient.

Fixed in f4c118d. Thanks for report, feel free to reopen if need be.

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