#251 The result dir is not empty (new mock will break fedora-review)
Closed: Fixed None Opened 5 years ago by msuchy.

Friendly warning:

This week we plan to release new version of mock, which will fix this bug.
However this break fedora-review as it assume that result dir is empty (and now it contains log of --chroot command) and fedora-review fails with:

INFO: Downloading .spec and .srpm files
INFO: No upstream for (Source0): dist-git-0.10.tar.gz
INFO: Running checks and generating report
ERROR: 'The result dir is not empty'

It will affect '''every''' run of fedora-review.

Hm... will 853f0b8 fix this? Can you reproduce the error on current master?

No, it doesn't. However, fixed in f175f76 (tested against new mock in updates-testing).

Ideally, we should try to coordinate this. I have already tried to contact Stanislav about making a new release, to no avail (holiday?).

Could you hold the mock release until we sort this out? I will try to work-around Stanislav if he doesn't reply in the beginning of next week.

I could done better on syncing with you. F21, F22 are already stable. Nothing can be done there. However I switched off auto-karma mechanism on F20 and epels. Please let me know when new fedora-review is built. I will add them to those erratas, so it is released together.

F21 is then the critical path, it's broken as of now. However, the f21 update is already pending with enough karma to go straight to stable (thanks for karma!)

This is a somewhat awkward situation, the taskotron depcheck complains since f22 < f21. However, this will be fixed as soon as we can push the f22 update. Basically, a temporary error of this kind in the beta shouldn't be a showstopper.

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