#237 support amending existing review request
Opened 9 years ago by pavlix. Modified 6 years ago

The attached patch implements amending an existing request with a comment including new spec and srpm links. Please let me know if this is the expected way to do that and comment on the patch.

Hm... Historically, fedora-review had some features like this but they were removed since there already is other tools e. g., bugz(1) which are capable of changing a comment (and much more). Duplicating this in fedora-review seems sub-optimal to me.

Unless there is more input I'm inclined to close this as wont-fix.

Added info on bugz in the manpage (3166da5). Closing.

I don't think this would be duplication of function. It provides a very simple workflow where you could use the fedora-create-review for both the first submission of your SRPM+specfile and any subsequent one. It could be further improved to actually detect whether the tool should create a new bugzilla or amend an existing one.

I've been using the feature for the whole time but now I wanted to [https://github.com/pavlix/gentoo-fedora rebuild fedora tools on my system] and realized my patch won't apply any more. In my opinion fedora-create-review is a very convenient tool except that it doesn't work after the initial submission.

Well, It's patch which adds functionality. It should be possible to merge, f-c-r is not that complex. It's just that the link is dead...

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