This is a template for making a Logic Model for a Fedora Objective, subproject, or even an activity day or other event. There's a pretty good overview in this workbook — although I like to see the arrows more literally connected from point to point. Also, read more at my blog post about Fedora Project objectives.

The sample text in the template also provides some basic advice for making a logic model of this type. (Start with the instructions on the bottom!)

The basic grid and labels are on a separate layer, locked by default, so you can easily just mess with the words and arrows.

I recommend checking this out and then creating a symlink to the file in the folder ~/.config/inkscape/templates — then, you can creat a new document from File > Templates... in Inkscape. Or, of course, you can just open it and save with a new name.

You'll want the Overpass font installed. Firefox doesn't seem to render the fonts in the SVG properly; it should look like the PNG below. (And you can see the included Makefile for an example of using inkscape from the command line to export something similar.