#14 [GSoC] Render post titles as HTML
Merged 2 years ago by a2batic. Opened 2 years ago by manaswinidas.
manaswinidas/Fedora-app innerHtml  into  master

@@ -42,9 +42,7 @@ 



          <ion-col width-80 padding tappable (click)="openPost(post)">

-           <strong id="title">

-             {{ post.title }}

-           </strong>

+           <strong id="title" [innerHtml]="post.title"></strong>


          <ion-col width-20 center>

            <button ion-button small tappable clear color="light" (click)="sharePost(post)">

Closes #9
Using innerHtml to render post.title

  1. Add [Outreachy]/[GSoC] in front of your PR message and commit message.
  2. Once this PR is merged, send a mail to mailing list mentioning details about your first PR to this project.

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