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Provide better design ideas for application splash screen.

I would like to take up this issue


I have come up with something

I used the recently released Fedora 28 wallpaper in the background to provide a consistent look. The idea was to keep things minimal. Let me know your thoughts and we can work on to improve this.

A more loved splash screen may be the Fedora Plymouth animation.


This is spinfinity, it's nice too, but I was referring to the charge theme See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1dTd_itWcs

i was trying some color combinations according to fedora's guideline

I loved amazon app simple screen wit white background.
Tried something like that

@thelittlewonder, I really liked the last design you post, but i feel we have too many 'fedora' there. Now we have 2 fedora - one text and one symbol, and after loading completes, we will have 3 fedoras. Thoughts ?

but i feel we have too many 'fedora' there

Yeah, I get your concern, maybe try something without the symbol, since the Plymouth is similar to the logo shape.

After loading finishes, we can animation the 'fedora' text to the nav bar maybe and have the background fade away into white(since the loader is filling with white color).


Should we keep background simple ?

@a2batic can you provide us with vector of fedora's typographic name as well as logo? It'd be easier and precise to work with the brand.

Splash screen (I've used typography to make logo and they are inconsistent as of now)

A very minimal screen followed by a detailed on-boarding. This minimal screen can always be used as a splash screen; since it provides a loading time of approximately 2 seconds.

This interaction was also created using "principle" for mac.


Unfortunately, Cordova does not support animated splash screens, only PNG is supported. :disappointed:


@amitosh Oh okay. :disappointed:
I'll try with a concept with PNG.

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