#88 FUDCon LATAM bid election
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I'd like to share with you the bids that we have for FUDCon LATAM (no specific order):

We had a preliminary votation in our regional regular meeting yesterday [1]. Here are the results [2] (in-order):
18+1 Panama
17+1 Latinoware
0+1 Colombia

Hope that, with this information, you could decide which will be the next venue for FUDCon.

[1] https://meetbot-raw.fedoraproject.org/teams/fedora-latam/fedora-latam.2017-01-28-22.58.log.html
[2] https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/ambassadors@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/MZJVCTT24BQPC4O5RSU6XETRGN4FNPAQ/

I am sorry but Panamá didn't won the voting because rigobersol and Juon vote
was not counted for Brazil, anyway I don't think repeating a FUDCon in Panamá is
better for the Project instead of having a FUDCon in Paraguay that never received one,

The voting didn't go well because We got alot of people in a meeting, I think was the
biggest meeting LATAM ever had, having a new election using a more professional system
will result in our (Brazil + Paraguay) bid winning again.

The people think that the bid is for Brazil because I am Brazilian but my proposal is for
a FUDCon Dual Country in a neutral area owned by Brazil and Paraguay.

Both bids are amazing, you guys did an excellent work, but given the noise we had in the meeting, with a lot of people coming and voting, we need to pass this decision to the Council. We don't need a blame war for this. Nobody here as far I know is saying that Panama or Brazil has won yet.

I think we need to step back on this a little bit. We've had some discussion on the mailing lists about re-thinking our events strategy overall, and I don't think we should just keep going ahead without at least discussing this.

There are multiple reasons to have a conference:

  • Get contributors together to collaborate
  • Get contributors together to socialize, communicate, and bond
  • Attract new contributors
  • Attract new users
  • Provide communication between users and contributors

and probably some others. FUDCon has traditionally been a mix of all of these, and I think therefore not particularly effective at any.

With Flock, we've explicitly focused on contributors — collaboration, planning, and socializing. We don't do the other things listed above. This has been very successful. Having a strong focus works, and I'd like to see our contributors brought to that no matter where in the world they are.

Let's assume that we have an approximately $10k budget — FY18 isn't set yet, but hopefully that's a safe assumption. I see that the bids are asking for $15k, but I don't think we can count on that, unless we can guarantee additional sponsors. We could spend that money on a traditional FUDCon, but I think it would be effective to spend it on:

  1. Getting more contributors from LATAM to Flock (in North America this year)
  2. A regional contributor's planning session and social event to get contributors face to face without intercontinental travel
  3. User outreach via meetups and local activities
  4. Possibly, representation at big events for user and new contributor outreach, where impact can be demonstrated (and ideally where there's someone on the ground already).

Let's say we're cutting up the $10k pie between these activities and a FUDCon-style conference. How would you slice it?

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for your input. I am adding this to the next LATAM ambassadors' meeting agenda. I certainly agree that this deserves further discussion within our region before moving forward.

Hi Council!

I am wondering if you got news about FUDCon? Is the event still living or are we going to cut its budget between another events?

Thank you in advance.


Just a friendly reminder that Latinoware website is up and accepting registrations.

It's so sad that our proposal was not accepted yet, anyway, Silvio Palmieri one of latinoware organizers always received well Fedora and will give us some space at Latinoware and we are going to go ahead and have something,

Would an official answer be possible whether or not we are going to have this Fudcon Latam in Latinoware?
I do not want to be rude, it is that I humbly believe that Silvio organizer of Latinoware deserves an answer. And we at Latam do not know what else to say to him.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks in advance.

This appears to have been stopped as an issue pending hte outcome of the LATAM Organizational FAD. If LATAM is still proposing a LATAM FUDCon, please bring it to the council in a new ticket that spells out the final decisions from LATAM and goals/objectives.

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