#84 Trademark approval for LXQt spin
Closed: approved 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by lupinix.


I submitted the LXQt spin as a change for Fedora 26 [1] and request the required trademark approval.


[1] LXQt Change: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/LXQt_Spin

Assuming this follows the normal rules for spins (of which I am not terribly familiar), I am +1.

+1 as well assuming it meets the rules I am not familiar with either :)

As council member and spins wrangler [1], I'm +1.

@lupinix, thanks for all your hard work!

[1] One more title I need to get rid of.

This is an official call for lazy consensus. We need 3 +1 votes from council members (which we already have) and no negatives. Since the consequences here aren't huge, and I don't see any reason to deny without Totally Changing The Goalposts for Spins, I'm gonna say 3 days to get an any objections. Thanks.

No negatives; this is approved.

@mattdm changed the status to Closed

4 years ago

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