#79 Have a training period for new first time Council members
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New people may feel intimidated to join the council, and having a process for them to learn could encourage more volunteers. This would remove some of the feelings of inadequacy that many people have about doing something new.

The training period could involve having someone shadow another council member and ask them questions, or have a few council members act as mentors to help the new people with the process and questions they may have. A handbook or guide on what council members do and their expected behavior and duties and how do carry them out would also be helpful.

I'd rather see this piloted in a more focused group first. If we start there, at a more likely entry point for new-to-elections people then we can figure out what works and scale up. This also gives it definition, imho. The council is a rather wide-ranging set of duties.

Since it is the top-level Fedora governance and leadership body, Fedora Council members are generally expected to have serious experience in the project to begin with. I definitely want to help bring on new users, but the Council isn't the best place to start.

Council meetings on IRC are open to everyone and anyone interested in becoming a member in the future is definitely welcome to join us there. That and activity in other Fedora teams should provide the required background.

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