#490 Fedora Council Town Hall at Flock
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Lets do a town hall at Flock with the Fedora Council! Please vote in the ticket if this is something you agree with doing or not, and add some ideas and/or preferences on when this should happen during the conference if we are in agreement that we would like to host one.

Note: I will organize, I just need the buy-in from you all and some ideas :)


Possible topics to discuss:

  • Budget
  • Git forge
  • Fedora Strategy
  • Q&A (historically, this is the real reason we run it, and Q&A usually drives the discussion)


We can probably also talk about Ownership of specific pieces in the Fedora Strategy and Bugzilla as part of Git Forge.

With 5 plus my own +1, I will go ahead and, a la FESCo voting, consider this as APPROVED (+5, 0, 0) and we will host a Fedora Council Town Hall during Flock, touching on the topics mentioned above.

Thanks all!

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