#483 [2024 Hackfest] Complete the Strategy 2028 logic model
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Fill out the Strategy 2028 logic model in order to open source it and share more with the community.


At the Council 2024 Hackfest, we spent a lot of time working on the Fedora 2028 Strategy. One of the outputs we worked on was a "Four Foundations" version of the logic model. This very early draft is currently in a Google Sheet. This is obviously not very open or accessible, so we need to make the needed steps to get more of this out in the open and start sharing the Strategy with the community.

There are multiple fronts on which we can do this, but this ticket specifically is about completing the logic model. In order to do this, we need to spread out the focus areas (is that what we are calling them?) to different Council members.

NOTE: This logic model is not the thing that I expect we use to go out and advocate the strategy with the community. It serves a role of supplementary documentation, meaning it is most useful to the Council members or leads on a specific focus area to understand the scope. It can also be a document we share with different stakeholder groups to describe Fedora's future direction at a high-level view.


Proposed action items:

  1. Each Council member takes ownership of 2-3 rows of the logic model spreadsheet.
  2. Each Council member completes the Resources, Actions, Outputs, and Outcomes columns for their rows.
  3. Each Council member selects at least ONE of their rows as their assigned Focus Area.
  4. Once the logic model is complete, we reconvene in a specially-planned call to go over the logic model, ratify it, and take the next steps on sharing it more widely with the community.


  • There is a more clear roadmap of what is needed to make the Fedora 2028 Strategy successful.
  • We have an output that can be used in conversations with stakeholders about the high-level direction that Fedora is going.
  • We can finally stop staring at these empty columns on the logic model since the 2023 hackfest. :grinning:

@mattdm @amoloney @dcantrell @bt0dotninja @sumantrom @t0xic0der @smeragoel @ffmancera @rwright Please review the the logic model spreadsheet. I am asking each of you to please volunteer for 2-3 rows. Note that completing a row does not necessarily mean that you are owning that focus area.

You should consider becoming the owner of at least ONE focus area, or a row, in the logic model.

Initiative co-leads can tag-team some of these too, e.g. Mentored Projects taking on the mentoring-related rows.

I volunteered for 2 rows but can extend it to more if need. Thanks!

Added my name against two lines, and added both Matthew and I to a third which seems suitable for us both to work on

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