#452 Proposal: Mailing list retirement plan
Opened a year ago by sgallagh. Modified a year ago

A proposal was brought to FESCo to decide on whether there should be an inactive list policy for Fedora. FESCo collectively agreed that such a policy should rightfully be decided upon at the Council level.

With that in mind, I have the following specific proposal to offer for the purposes of starting the discussion:

Any list that hasn't seen a message for the last four Fedora release cycles will be archived.

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a year ago

For some reason, the Discourse bot did not repeat this Pagure issue to GitLab. I suspect we will want that relay because I don't think this is a ticket that will be resolved quickly.

Is there a link to the discussion that kicked this topic off in FESCo? I am curious of the context behind this ask.

Generally, inactivity for four release cycles seems fair. That is two years. I'm not sure whether this should be applied universally or if we should start with something else, i.e. no new mailing lists without getting an exception approved?

t2dbot got disconnected from the message bus and my error-handling code is not very robust. :)

Discussion here: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/fedora-council-tickets-ticket-452-proposal-mailing-list-retirement-plan/82079

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