#441 Request to modify sleep time when power connected in Lenovo P1 and P16 F37 WS preload
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Hi Fedora-council,

Ben and Matthew suggested I raise this ticket to discuss an issue we have with our P1 and P16 Fedora 37 preload image.

As part of our energy certification exercise our Fedora preload image was tested and it failed to meet the standards required (meaning we are currently blocked from shipping the Fedora preload). This is due to the default power settings in Fedora, where a system is plugged in will not go to sleep. The energy certification requirements are for the system to be fully suspended after 20 mins of idle activity.

I raised this workstation ticket
The issue has been discussed and resolved for Fedora 38. The preference was, understandably, to not backport this change to Fedora 37.

The Lenovo team would like to make a modification to our existing preload image to change the default behaviour so that the system will suspend after 15 mins when idle. We will do this using the /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power.gschema.override

This will be the only change we make to the existing image. I'm hoping it's not too controversial as the change has already been applied to Fedora 38

Ben and Matthew also wanted to discuss how we set rules for this in the future for future requests - which I defer to them for. From my perspective I continue to support (and prefer) to use the Fedora image unmodified and I regard this as one-off exception and don't have any expectations for future modifications.

Let me know if any other questions or if I can help with any clarifications.


I've created a topic on Fedora Discussion for this ticket.

Please keep this ticket focused. Discuss there, and record votes and decisions here. Thanks!

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a year ago

+1 for ad hoc approval of this exception on the grounds that:

  • it's necessary to meet regulations
  • it is already planned for the next release
  • it seems like the right thing to do for the world.

Everyone — this has been open for five days, so if you have any objections or need more time, please say so in the next two days. If there are none, at that point this passes with the 3 +1 votes above.

If it weren't obvious already, I am +1 for the same reasons Matthew gave.

I agree with Matthew's points.

But I'd like to additionally ask for this change to be documented. Nothing fancy, even just one sentence with a link to the original ticket.

Do we have a public page anywhere, wiki, docs site, thread on Discourse.. for the "Fedora on Lenovo" initiative, where this information can be stored, so we can refer to it in the future?

This is approved. Leaving open to make sure @bookwar 's point is addressed.

We need to narrow the scope for the last 10% of this work or either close the ticket. See this comment on the Fedora Discussion thread.

+1 this change is there in F38 and it doesn't break any use case yet. @bookwar's point still stands and @mpearson owning the docs section as @mattdm pointed out should be fine.

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- Issue priority set to: Needs Review (was: Next Meeting)

10 months ago

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