#421 How do we track and manage efforts and tasks that span longer timelines?
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Discussed in 2022-11-09 meeting.


How do we, as the Council, manage efforts and initiatives that are not quickly resolved in meeting discussions and actions, but are still objectively tasks that are "owned" by the Fedora Council?


In today's meeting, the meta topic of our ticketing workflow came up. There was opposition to using this ticket tracker as a place to track long-term (e.g. >3 months?) work that should be owned by the Council. The preference stated was that this repository and ticket tracker should strictly be used for decisions requiring immediate, direct input by the Council, or things that can be resolved in meeting discussions.

While that encompasses some of our work, it leaves a lot to be desired. So… how do we check our collective memory as the Council and make sure we have continuitiy on longer-form tasks? What ways can be more accountable to things that we, as the Council, are working on but might not require immediate updates or discussion?

For me, I am passionate that something like this should exist, but I would like to defer the question to the group on how this gap could be closed.


This could tie into the GitLab question in Fedora-Council/tickets#420, if we change up our workflow to include multiple repositories but a single project board. For example, we could have a new repository for "Council mini initiatives" or objectives, that could capture this work and help provide some structure around how we manage this type of work.

There are also umpteen different ways we could paint this bike-shed, but ultimately we should find something that we can get commitment from the group on trying out and using in a new workflow.


  • Enhanced organization and structure around longer-term, strategic work that should be owned by the Council, but may not require immediate discussion or short-term actions
  • Larger (and subjectively, harder) tasks remain exposed in our ongoing workflow and we don't easily miss important follow-ups to the Council's more ambitious ambitions
  • Improved accountability to the Fedora Community to deliver outcomes to issues and needs that aren't easily solved in meeting discussions

I've created a topic on Fedora Discussion for this ticket.

Please keep this ticket focused. Discuss there, and record votes and decisions here. Thanks!

Should we close this ticket and continue the discussion on Discussion? I don't see that there's a voteable proposal on the horizon for this.

Carrying on the topic in Fedora Discussion. I would like a final chance to turn this into a workable proposal, otherwise I will resign this as deferred or no action needed.

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