#420 What is the Council plan for migrating to GitLab?
Opened 3 months ago by jflory7. Modified a month ago

Discussed in 2022-11-09 meeting.


Identify (a) whether the Council is committed to migrating our Pagure repos and workflow to GitLab, and (b) what timeline this should happen on.


The Council now has a sub-group on the Fedora GitLab. This opens the question of whether we want to migrate existing repositories there from Pagure. This mostly centers around two repositories that are critical to the Council workflow:

  • Fedora-Council/tickets: Where we discuss things, record votes, and make decisions (i.e. this repo)
  • Fedora-Council/council-docs: Where our docs are stored and built into docs.fp.o; some issue discussion but infrequent. Also, several docs are here and not just for the Council! (e.g. council/, engineering/, mindshare/, and project/)


Do we want to officially shift from Pagure-first to GitLab-first? What are we willing to migrate? What pre-requisites are there for migrating? Is it a hard requirement to bring our history with us, or could that be migrated into a historical/archived repo later?

For data migration (e.g. issues and PRs), see cpe/initiatives-proposal#25.


  • Clear path forward for how GitLab will fit into the Council workflow
  • Improved program management techniques using project boards and collaboration features of GitLab

I've created a topic on Fedora Discussion for this ticket.

Please keep this ticket focused. Discuss there, and record votes and decisions here. Thanks!

Can we close this? As an open-ended question, it doesn't seem ripe for a ticket. Perhaps it could be a part of the Hackfest agenda?

@bcotton Where is a good place to document this for February, so we don't lose track and forget about November's discussion?

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