#379 Revisit support of in-person events wrt Covid
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Hi Folks- the Mindshare Committee received its first request for swag in quite some time. That request has been evaluated and managed as a one off situation. Moving forward, I think we should have a stated "this is how we are approaching in person event support".

This brings up some questions in my mind, but I am sure there are more...
What health safety standards are we holding events to?
The Mindshare process should be revised- what information will we require from folks requesting support?
Are other communities addressing/thinking about this?
What to do if we decide to support an event that later violates safety precautions?

My 2¢ — we should take this on a case-by-case basis based on the local situation and local rules, as well as global recommendations, applying an abundance of caution.I recognize the extremely high value of getting Fedora folks together to collaborate and celebrate in person, but we also we don't want to put people at unnecessary risk.

As for events that turn out to have problems after the fact: we should make sure we have all the information we can to make a good decision; that's all we ever can do, after all.

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Do we have a specific thing to vote on here? Should we get someone to propose a policy? Do we need to open up a wider discussion thread first?

I have been doing the background work for this. I will have a proposal soon about what steps we need to take in order to sponsor in person events

I have an update to report: there is a draft for review!


As I finished up the draft just minutes before the last Council meeting, we discussed it as an agenda item. Notes from the meeting:
- Do we need a requirement to communicate the terms to participants of the event?
- It would be wise to add in a sentence to state the obvious: "Do not travel if you are sick with Covid-19"
- The page uses Covid-19, Covid, and COVID-19 to all refer to the same thing. that should be consistent throughout the document. "COVID-19"
- Under Safety Requirements, this reads as being specific to the event/venue in question. Attendees also need to be aware of and adhere to all travel requirements that will impact them on the trip and that could mean additional costs (e.g., testing, whatever). "also, don't forget any specific travel requirements!"
- "Understanding of and adherence to local government requirements." --> strike "local" from that sentence. Reasoning: local can mean a lot of difference things depending on where you are. in the US local might mean city and county. some might include state. in other countries, its totally different. If you just say 'government', you include everything.

Next steps will be incorporating this feedback, running it by Mindshare, and then legal. After it goes through those steps I will update here and we can do another round of review or move it to a vote.

The revisions have been made to the guidelines [0], the most substantial one being an addition under "Safety Requirements". I have sent the changes to legal for review, plus the question about the terms. I have also opened a corresponding ticket with Mindshare [1] for additional review.

[0] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/In_Person_Event_Guidance_Related_to_Covid-19
[1] https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/324

The revisions have been reviewed by both Mindshare & legal and we are good to move to a vote/approval. Council members, please add your vote to the ticket. As we have gone through multiple iterations over a period of months, I assume any big issues have already been raised.


One question did come up with Mindshare, which is where will this live once it is approved?

- Wiki page is not very visible
- Should live on Mindshare docs under "Attending and Holding Events"
- Additionally, wiki page should be "protected" once approved


One question did come up with Mindshare, which is where will this live once it is approved?

I suggest putting it on the docs under "Attending and Holding Events" as suggested above and deleting (not protecting) the wiki page.

After a week, this is approved (+6,0,0)

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For easy reference, here are the guidelines, uploaded to Mindshare docs:

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