#375 Fedora Server PRD update
Closed: approved 3 years ago by bcotton. Opened 3 years ago by mattdm.

From @pboy:

yesterday Server Working Group approved the new updated version of the Product Requirement Document.


• AGREED: Add dcavalca and adamw to the contributors list (pboyHB, 17:13:15)
• AGREED: The WG approves the Product Requirement Document as of June 21, 2021 19:48 (UTC) supplemented by the agreed amendments (pboyHB, 17:18:17)

The authoritative version is on the wiki:

The next step is for the Council to discuss and (presumably) approve this update officially.

Let's take one week from today to read, comment, discuss (and let Server WG make any clarifications necessary), and then one week to vote.

The document says: "The twice-yearly, release cycle" but it doesn't mention support cycle for the releases.

Are we considering extending support beyond the regular Fedora release EOL? Should we add "evaluate the Fedora LTS option" to the goals, or has it been already evaluated and discarded?

If it has been, can we list it explicitly as a non-goal?

Voting is now open. We will use the "lazy approval" model and leave the vote open until 1400 UTC on Friday 9 July.

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3 years ago

No objections were raised. The updated Fedora Server PRD is approved.

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3 years ago

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