#374 Welcome Akashdeep
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It's time to onboard @t0xic0der, the co-lead of the Websites & Apps revamp objective.

Council-private welcome message

Hi XXX! Welcome to the Fedora Council private discussion list. We try
not to use this list very much, but here it is. (Mostly, it seems to be
used for me sending messages similar to this one.)

Here's the standard blurb:

Occasionally we use it to discuss sensitive or personal topics. All
current members of the council are subscribed. There's no NDA or
anything like that, but sometimes Red Hat confidential information
comes up, with the understanding that non-RH council members will
respect that confidentiality. Of course, that goes for non-RH sensitive
information as well.

I subscribed you with the email address associated with your FAS account.
If you want to use a different address, please let me know.

Done! (Except for the Infra priorities board, because I think we're giving up on that idea)

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