#372 Proposal for IRC future
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This is a continuation of https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/tickets/issue/371, which is a good conversation but is getting a little more conversational than useful for a ticket. That conversation should continue at https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/discussion-thread-for-future-of-fedora-irc/29953.

THIS ticket is for coming to a specific proposal. Thus proposed:

  1. Fedora will move from Freenode to Libera Chat.
  2. Fedora thanks and supports the awesome folks who have helped run Freenode for years and are continuing on at Libera Chat.
  3. This won't happen in a day, and Libera is still getting set up. Our IRC team will get channels set up, port zodbot, etc., and people are welcome to register their nicks on that network, but we won't flip over until it's ready as determined by the IRC ops team.
  4. Readiness includes getting Matrix bridging set up, ideally with our new Fedora-owned homeserver, which should be Really Soon Now.
  5. Once we ARE ready, we should set a date and update all of our docs and make an announcement on that date. Volunteers are needed for docs updates.

Council members, what do you think? Everyone, what am I missing?

I'm in favor of this. I like the idea of planning a flag day of sorts.

The announcement should definitely include a Fedora Magazine article.

I offered the services of the PgM Team in #fedora-ops. If someone wants to get that kind of help, they can file an issue.

As one of the ops on IRC and as one of Fedora's Group Contacts for freenode and libera.chat, I support this proposal.

+1 from me for the proposal.

+1 for the proposal and I will also volunteer for doc updates

As a now non-voting member, this proposal makes sense to me too.

I believe we should also emphasize the importance of Matrix bridging to LiberaChat. I have a feeling this will happen eventually, but I think this will be an important part of Fedora doing this move in The Right Way™.

I am using this opportunity to reflect on the role IRC plays in my own life, and I have decided to give up IRC for personal reasons unrelated to the Freenode drama happening now. I am happy to continue using IRC as a server/backend if I can use the Matrix/Element client tools and I don't have to think about IRC channel flags, user modes, group registrations, and all the other jazz that goes into managing IRC communities.

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Okay, it's been a week and we have plenty of +1s from Council members and other stakeholders, so this is now official.

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