#365 New Objective: Websites & Apps Community Revamp
Closed: approved 5 days ago by bcotton. Opened 2 months ago by ramyaparimi.

The aim of this objective is to reboot the Fedora Websites team to Fedora Websites & Apps team. The discussion for review of the objective can be found here[1].

Here is the link for the Websites & Apps Community Revamp Objective wikipage:

[1] https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/fedora-objective-proposal-websites-apps-community-revamp/28736/4

@t0xic0der @jflory7 @mattdm @riecatnor

One thought before we start moving this through the process:

  • I'd like to see "retirement of the pagure.io/fedora-websites repo" as an explicit outcome (even if it's a stretch goal). Having separate repos (fedora-web/websites is getfedora and fedora-websites is….everything else) makes it more difficult to maintain and it also results in a lot of mis-filed tickets from the community. In theory, a lot of the work has been done already, although it has surely drifted a lot since then. If you don't want to take on the whole site, let's at least add "and Labs" to mentions of "Spins". That way the main release-delivering websites are in the same place (although alt and arm should also be in that category, probably…)

I'm very excited abut this objective proposal because I hope it leads to taking away my commit access to the websites because there's a healthy team that can handle it. :-)

[Edited to clarify context about the repo retirement point]

@ramyaparimi The Council had no significant issues, so we want to run this through the Policy Change process. Can you draft a short Community Blog post so we can start that? See the Community Outreach Revamp proposal post for an example.

@bcotton thank you for the update . Will be working on the CommBlog.

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The community comment period has passed. Council members, please vote by 9 June.

After a week, the vote is (+6,0,-0). The proposal is approved.

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