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I'd like to request permission to use Fedora trademarks and branding for products in the DLN Store. I'm not totally sure what all I need to do in order to provide in order to make this request, please advise.

Note: I am an official representative of Destination Linux Network (DLN) and can make requests on behalf of the DLN Store.

Generally, our concerns are that the designs are in line with our guidelines, represent the brand well, and are high-quality.

Also, since taking money directly gets complicated, we've usually worked out deals where Fedora contributors get discount codes or similar rather than asking for a cut.

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Hey @michaeltunnell, we'd like to hear more about what specifically you'd like to make, and we'd like to see some samples for quality control.

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Sorry for the delay, I havent had time to work on the designs yet but here are the ideas. I have 2 ideas I'd like to do with Fedora.

  1. "Fedorable", I would make a cute character out of the new Fedora logo and include the text "Fedorable" in some manner. (possibly including the Badger mascot in some way)

  2. "M'Distro", this would be a fun playful style design that makes reference to the M'Lady meme from Reddit about Fedoras. 😎

@michaeltunnell In return, sorry for the delay in response back to you! It's been... a whole summer, apparently.

  1. Sounds good -- the design team is working on some cute updates to the Fedora mascots. We'd like to see a Design Team ticket for this.

  2. We are definitely 100% not fond of that meme, like, unanimously as the Fedora Council. We'd prefer for it to just die a quiet death.

Hi @michaeltunnell ! It's been a while since the Council had a chance to look at this, thanks for your patience. We are generally on board with creating some cross branding for Fedora and DLN. Our advised next step from this point is to open a ticket on the design team repo here: https://pagure.io/design/issues to work with them to ensure trademark guidelines and we also have some new character designs that could be fun for you to work with. Make sure to upload any drafts you have for review onto that ticket :)

To request a logo file, email logo@fedoraproject.org with a description of your planned usage and links to the corresponding tickets.

Sorry this took so long. Since we haven't heard back, I'm going to close this with no prejudice — please open a new ticket if you're still interested.

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