#344 Trademark approval request: Fedora Kinoite
Closed: approved a year ago by mattdm. Opened a year ago by ngompa.

The Fedora KDE SIG is requesting trademark approval for "Fedora Kinoite", the equivalent to Fedora Silverblue leveraging the KDE Plasma Desktop for the user experience.

The KDE SIG specific work is being tracked in fedora-kde/SIG#4, with @siosm primarily working on the bringup for this variant.

The intent to introduce it as a new flavor with Fedora 35, though that is dependent on achieving our goal of having Plasma Discover be able to do RPM-OSTree updates.

A work-in-progress draft Change proposal is being done here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Fedora_Kinoite

(Note, we don't have a product logo for it yet, I'm not sure what we're supposed to do for that...)

Submit a ticket to design for a logo once this is approved.

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Conducting a search for conflicting trademarks.

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a year ago

This has cleared legal.

I am +1. Since this has been open for 11 days and we have greater than +3 and no -1s, I'm going to mark this as officially approved.

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