#338 2020 docs refactor [2/2]: Launch an Objectives documentation repo
Closed: deferred a year ago by mattdm. Opened 2 years ago by jflory7.

Follow-up to #337, discussed in 2020-11-18 Council all-hands.


Set up docs.fp.o/lang/project/objectives/ to offer docs hosting and publishing for Fedora Objectives


Fedora Docs and Objectives have a long history and it is a little rough. I believe we could better enable Objective leads to carry out their work in an open way by supporting them with docs. The average Fedora contributor does not understand the intricate way we set up and deploy Antora, nor should they have to.

So, the goal here is to make Objective leads lives' easier by giving them a docs repo ready to go for important high-level docs about Objectives. We also improve discoverability of Objectives by grouping their documentation in a single, unified place.


Add a new module to Council-maintained docs repo (see #337). We could import existing content on modules. We also need to set up redirects for any links we break, so we will need to coordinate with @pbokoc / @asamalik.

Of course we also need docs about how to get a docs site. I can help write that.


  • Objective leads can spend less time figuring out how to publish a docs.fp.o site and just get their stuff out there
  • Better unify and expose important, on-going work on Fedora's Objectives

I think I'd prefer to see it in the Council docs module. These are Council-level things and I don't see a lot of value in having it as a separate module. That said, we should have it be more structured and easier to use for Objective leads.

I think adding an Objectives section to the docs is not a bad idea, but I think we should hold off on it pending general restructure of docs (see docs list to help)

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