#331 Council (virtual) Face-to-Face planning
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Normally, the Fedora Council would be planning a face-to-face in November. We should still do a virtual face-to-face, but things may change due to These Uncertain Times. Creating a ticket to hold mattdm accountable, etc.

HI Council members, here's a survey for most of the month of November: http://whenisgood.net/council-2020nov

Please indicate your availability (note that the default time zone of the survey is GMT!) and we'll find four half-ish days across two-ish weeks that work.


Okay, given the responses we have, I think the "best" schedule is:

  • Thu 5 Nov 1800-2100 UTC (1-4p Eastern, 7-10p CET)
  • Mon 9 Nov 1600-1900 UTC (11a-2p Eastern, 5-8p CET)
  • Mon 16 Nov 1800-2100 UTC (1-4p Eastern, 7-10p CET)
  • Thu 19 Nov 1500-1800 UTC (10a-1p Eastern, 4-7p CET)

That gives us 12 hours total, which seems like a good amount. It also keeps our European friends from having to stay up late every time, at the expense of David having a couple of hours of conflict.

I'll send out calendar invitations tomorrow, but I wanted to give folks the opportunity to flag showstoppers just in case.

These times work for me.

+1 to the proposed schedule

Corrected "Thu 16 Nov" to be "Mon 16 Nov" because that's a day that actually exists. Thanks @jflory7 for catching that!

+1 to proposed schedule.

Calendar invitations sent. If you have suggestions for topics, please send them to me, Marie, or Matthew (or discuss here)

I suggest an agenda item of our Open Source social media presence (brought up in 2020-10-29 Council meeting).

We talked about exploring the fediverse once again in 2020, and getting a Fedora presence there. But since it is not the first time we have tried to establish ourselves in the fediverse, it would be nice for the Council to align first on a strategy, so we don't end up with a repeat scenario of 2016/2017 where the fediverse account goes into limbo status compared to our other social media presences.

I think the only thing worse for the brand than not being on the fediverse at all is having an inactive account that looks abandoned. Let's do this right this time around. :)

Thanks @bookwar for raising this.

To @mattdm on strategic goals for Fedora:

1) Overcome the fear of change. The more provocative title for this is "survive through the generational change", but it is not really a matter of age. How do we improve the way changes are handled in Fedora (and I don't mean just Fedora Change).

2) Speak to the curious and creative rather than consuming audience (remember our Kali Linux discussion). Present Fedora as a system you can tweak and play with, rather than the system you can use.

3) Build collaborative and less restrictive environment - switch from one maintainer per package mode to "everyone can contribute, some may accept". For example the task of switching away from the linear changelog in rpm spec files fits under this umbrella.

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