#329 Add FLOSS software column to social media page
Closed: resolved 3 years ago by bookwar. Opened 3 years ago by bcotton.

As agreed in today's meeting bookwar will add a column listing FLOSS clients to the social media networks wiki page.

Just a thought, but would it would be worth pulling this wiki page into the Fedora Docs site somewhere?

Yes, among many others

Upon re-reading the page

it seems to me that it is more of an internal documentation of the Marketing team.

The user-facing page is https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicating_and_getting_help which needs a complete rewrite it seems.

@jflory7 Do you have suggestions where in the docs.fedoraproject.org hierarchy these pages might go?

What about the Mindshare team docs? It could also be Fedora Marketing, but there is not a Fedora Marketing docs site yet. @x3mboy might have a thought.

I thought about this more. Does this document need to be Fedora-specific? Maybe instead of giving it to a committee to maintain, we can work with the Fedora Quick Docs folks for this:


The more I think about it, the more I think this is a good fit for Quick Docs. @ankursinha @t0xic0der @nasirhm @ramyaparimi @alciregi @pbokoc, do you have any thoughts on this as maintainers and/or contributors to Quick Docs? Should we move this issue to a Quick Docs issue instead of a Fedora Council issue?

In today's Council meeting, @bookwar agreed to add FLOSS software for social media things to Quick Docs

I updated the page and it looks sad now.

So I am going to ask why Matrix, IRC and discussion.fedoraproject.org admins are not on this list.

So I am going to ask why Matrix, IRC and discussion.fedoraproject.org admins are not on this list.

The probably should be. I think the answer is "because our social media management is dysfunctional". I suggest that be opened as a Mindshare Committee issue.

Are you still going to do the Quick Doc, or should we consider this closed?

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3 years ago

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