#293 [X-POST] Policy proposal: Community Publishing Platforms
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This issue corresponds to Fedora-Council/council-docs#67.


I am opening this pull request to suggest a new policy around content and moderation in Fedora. This policy defines Community Publishing Platforms such as the Fedora Planet and Community Blog, sets expectation for what content is allowed or not, and points to the Code of Conduct page for how to report Creative Works.

My motivation to propose this policy comes from recent discussions on the council-discuss list. I startedon this PR thinking, "What is the policy I would like as a member of the Fedora community and also someone who often writes, blogs, and talks about Fedora?" So I first looked at the Fedora Planet page. It was really out of date and included information that is no longer relevant or just plain wrong. But there were some good things there, so I used it as a base. I ended up with this first draft of a policy that gives me creative freedom as a member of the Fedora community while also providing clear boundaries of acceptable or unacceptable behavior.

This PR includes three commits to help for easier review:

  • 1st: Direct copy+paste from "Planet" Fedora Wiki page
  • 2nd: Convert MediaWiki syntax to AsciiDoc
  • 3rd: First draft of Community Publishing Platforms policy

Please let me know how to proceed with this policy change. Thanks!

Screenshot of local preview from generated site source

I think the process here should be to get some initial feedback on the PR, and then publish a notice of intent to update the policy as described in the policy change policy you documented, assuming the Council is generally in favor of this (we don't need a formal vote at this point, just a general sense).

I like the general direction of this, and will leave some comments in the PR.

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3 years ago

I like the idea to clarify what is covered by the Fedora Code of Conduct. In the current state, the policy creates more questions than answers for me therefore I am -1 for the current text. I left a few comments in the docs PR.

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3 years ago

I responded to @till's feedback in the docs PR over multiple commits to make it easier to review my latest changes. See my reply. This ticket is ready for a new review by the Council.

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3 years ago

Hi, following up for review by the Fedora Council. @bcotton, how do we move forward this policy proposal? A CommBlog announcement?

Yeah, why don't you go ahead and draft a CommBlog post (see previous policy change posts for inspiration). Once it's published you (or I if you want) can send it to the council-discuss list and edit that thread link into the post).

I'm also happy to write it up for you if you don't have the time.

I can take an action item for the CommBlog article. I'll work on getting something done over the weekend for review on Monday or sooner. Thanks for the pointer to previous posts.

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3 years ago

Community Blog post published and mailing list thread started. Voting will begin on 5 October.

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3 years ago

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2 years ago

The two-week comment period has passed. Council members please vote on the proposal.

After a week, the vote is (+5,0,-0). Marking this resolved and merging the pull request.

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2 years ago

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